house design

Selling a home is an uphill task. This is because a house is an expensive item to sell. Also from a buyers’ perspective, it is a dangerous task that should not be taken lightly. There are some factors to consider when selling a house whether you are an owner or a contractor.



beautiful houseThe site of the house cannot be moved. Thus, a home that is sited in an excellent location with several key elements in a great neighborhood, security closeness to social amenities and a great view just to mention a few the better the chances of landing a buyer. Thus, a home seller you have to consider the above, and more factors in the pricing of the house about the environ also considering the economic factors, etc.


The price of the house speaks volume on the marketability of the parliament and the likely hood of the house to get a buyer. The seller of the house is interested in getting the highest bidder and making the most maximum profit. However, if the asking price is initially high, it will benefit other home sellers in your region. The downside of overpricing your home is;

  • It will take time for the house to be bought thus potential buyers will think that they can get the house at a lower price as compared to the fair value because of the lapse of time.
  • Potential buyers will be put off with the price and not even bother viewing the house. This is because the price is out of the prescribed range of the house.
  • With a high price, you risk no offers or fewer offers than anticipated. Thus, a high price does not equal high sales.

Therefore, price your home in a way to ensure that you attract many potential buyers. The more customers that come to view your house the more you are likely to sell the home as the buyers will compete to get your house.


big houseA clean home that is serene and tranquil sales faster than the alternative. Very few interested buyers would get past the clutter and the marked dirty walls to striking a deal. It is difficulty to visualizer the final look if your home if the home you are viewing Is filled up and cluttered.

The market

The real estate market has several capabilities as listed below;

  • The buyers are more than the sellers thus increasing the probability of sales and driving the sales up.
  • A place where there are enough houses for the interested buyers. In this case, the pieces are fair and stable.
  • Buyers’ market where the house is more than the interested parties to buy. Thus, the housed prices go down eventually.