It is only autumn, but the chilly weather feels like it is setting in fast already. As posted in, cold snaps have many of us considering keeping our houses snuggly and warm since the temperature drops. Also, there are some effortless ways to support the heat trapped indoors. Therefore, in this post, we have pulled together some helpful tips that could help keep your house warm in the winter.

Use Curtains Wisely

curtainsDuring the day, open your curtains or blinds and let the sunlight in to take advantage of this free warmth. When it starts to get dark, shut your curtains, which also act as another insulation layer to trap heat. Make sure your curtains don’t have any openings to keep out cold air and reduce condensation.


Switch Fans On

Fans are essential in summer, but if you’ve got ceiling fans, they can be handy in winter too. Most models have a reversing feature that needs to be activated when the weather is warmer. The warm air goes up, so it pushes it back into the room on the warmer setting instead of keeping it up. Don’t forget to give your fans a superb cleaning when you change them and remove any dust accumulated on the blades.

Move the Sofa

Sitting directly in front of the heater doesn’t seem like the ideal place, but your couch might absorb the heat instead of letting it warm you from a distance. Move your sofa away from the heat source (or move the heater, if that’s the most straightforward option) to allow the warm air to move freely around the area. Also, try to keep the heat source away from items like curtains, which could also absorb heat. Since you shouldn’t dry damp clothes in the house, sometimes it can’t be avoided, and if you put the clothesline near the heat source, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Rug up the Carpets

carpetIf you have complex or perhaps tiled floors, you will understand how cold it gets in the winter. Now is the time to search the internet for a rug or get one from another area to warm-up space. Any distance you can put between your feet and the floor will likely create a difference, and they are also able to add a great deal of atmosphere to the room.

Block the Draughts

Doing everything you can to keep the heat in your home is excellent, but you also need to remember to stop the cold coming in. Sealing doors, windows, and cracks in the floor can significantly impact your home in the winter. You can find practically all of the merchandise you need to fill areas around doors and windows at your home with simple DIY tasks. Do your research on the merchandise before rushing out to buy anything. Products to consider are weather seal tape, door seals, silicone sealant, and draught stoppers.

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