Helpful Tips to Modernize Your House Design

There are new home d├ęcor trends today, and the most preferred by would-be homeowners are the modern ones. Designing a modern home is not easy. It requires patience, skill, and thought. But what makes a home modern, and how do you know if the layout of your house is modern? If you’re designing a home (either on your own or with the help of a designer) and are wondering if you have a modern home design, here are some design tips and features to keep in mind to make sure you’re on the perfect path with your modern home design.

Consider the Materials

Modern homes use materials that look consistent with the overall feel of the space. Regardless of the materials, you will come across simplicity and consistency in textures and details. This can be achieved with larger materials such as large format tiles, wide wood planks, and large uninterrupted fabric panels such as concrete, glass, alloy, and sheetrock. Eliminating openings and gaps in the material (and drilling them out if there are any) simplifies the overall look of the materials. You won’t find a lot of uneven surfaces such as wallpaper, knotty wood, small tiles, thin strips of wood, or carpets, as in traditional homes.

Simplify the Architectural Details

modern kitchenModern houses have simple, clean details and this applies to both exterior and interior design. Traditional homes are not overly complicated but have a typical vocabulary that makes them commonplace. When you think of traditional house siding, you think of …